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Compatibility and Specifications

  • 144 keys mapped to specific Pro Tools commands and functions
  • Commercial grade hardware; keys rated at over 50 million presses
  • USB bus powered
  • Works with Mac OS and Windows 7
  • Compatible with all versions of Pro Tools 12 (see current compatibilty at the bottom)
  • Shortcuts cover major areas of Pro Tools functionality, including:
    • editing
    • selecting
    • nudging
    • windows and layout
    • zooming
    • file menu functions
    • track and playlist
    • MIDI composition
  • Dimensions: 14.17 × 7.79 × 1.49 inches
  • One year warranty

Current Compatibilty:

The current Hotkey Matrix version is V2-6. It is compatible with all versions of Pro Tools 12 on Mac and Windows systems.

Older systems: We have configurations for most versions of Pro Tools 10 and 11, but we are discontinuing support and ongoing development. You can consider these to be “deprecated”. We will maintain compatibility as long as is practical. We are in particular maintaining a version for Pro Tools 10 HD on the Mac, as many users are stuck on TDM systems.

The performance of the Hotkey Matrix on Pro Tools 10 & 11 on Windows is less stable, due to some bugs that were finally addressed in 12. While many users are using such systems, it is highly recommended toupgrade to PT 12.

Versions of Pro Tools earlier than PT10 are not supported.

Language: The Hotkey Matrix needs English language menus in Pro Tools to operate correctly. This is set independently of the main OS language, in the Pro Tools preferences. We have current configurations for users of French (AZERTY) and German(QWERTZ) keyboard layouts. (This is called the “input” language in the operating system, it is independant of the language setting for the system itself, which governs the language shown in menus and dialogs).

If you use an AZERTY or QWERTZ keyboard layout, you will need to contact us and obtain a current configuration file. You will need access to a Windows PC to load this “config” file in to the ROM of the Hotkey Matrix. Unfortunately there is no way to do this from a Mac at this point.

Other control surfaces: The Hotkey Matrix is compatible with all control surfaces and interfaces that use Eucon or HUI to control Pro Tools. There are some systems developed for the ipad to create custom keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools that will interfere with the Hotkey Matrix. This occurs for any system that changes the default keyboard shortcuts or that creates it’s own custom keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools.

Installing the Hotkey Matrix on the Mac will overwrite any custom keyboard shortcuts for Pro Tools that you have created through the Mac System Preferences.

If you have any questions about your particular system, please feel free to contact us at: